FAST "Fast and secure trade" is a bilateral initiative between the United States and Canadian Governments .The fast commercial Drivers program is designed to enhance the security of our shared borders while facilitating the legitimate flow of low risk commerce . In developing this program , Canada and the US have agreed to harmonize , to the maximum extent possible , their commercial process for clearance of commercial shipments at the border . this will promote free and secure trade by using common risk management principles , supply chain security , industry partnership , and the advanced technology to improve the efficiency of screening and clearing commercial traffic at our shared borders . Quality Transportation Services (NB) Ltd. received Fast Certification from the US Customs And Border Protection in July ,2009 and from Canada Border Services Agency in September 2005

C-TPAT Quality Transportation Services (NB) Ltd. has registered as a voluntary participant in the US "Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism " industry program . This program is intended to enhance the joint efforts of the carrier and Customs Border Protection to develop a more secure border environment by focusing on the physical security of the production, transportation , and importation elements of the supply chain process. Quality Transportation Services (NB) Ltd. Received it's C-TPAT certification in June 2005 from the US Customs and Border Protection.

CSA "Customs Self Assessment" is a progressive trade option for clients who invest in compliance. It is designed to give approved importers the benefits of a streamlined accounting and payment process for all imported goods. This process ends the need for importers to maintain separate and costly customs processes , allowing them to use their own business systems to fully assess and meet their customs obligations . It also gives approved importers and carriers and registered drivers the benefits of a streamlined clearance option for CSA eligible goods